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NuxtJS 2.0 Strapi TailWind Project

July 8, 2022 1 min read

Full page image

Full overview of the home page, open in new tab to view its full reslution

Technologies used

As mentioned in description. I am solo in development of both front end and backend for the site.

Front end aspects

  • Used NuxtJS 2 of VueJS
  • TailWindCSS to speed up matching the design
  • SalJS for the effects to make it lively

Back end thingies

  • Strapi as the CMS, contains all the content and user friendly for the customer to edit


Since, already tried the technology. The challenges now is how to be more creative in the development to learn more and to be faster, and testing cool packages too. Like the before and after image compare
NuxtJS2 TailWindCSS Strapi SalJS