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NuxtJS 2.0 Strapi TailWind Project

July 8, 2022 1 min read

Full page image

Full overview of the home page, open in new tab to view its full reslution

Technologies used

I developed both front end and backend for the site

Front end aspects

  • Used NuxtJS 2 of VueJS
  • TailWindCSS to speed up matching the design
  • SalJS for the effects to make it lively

Back end thingies

  • Strapi as the CMS, contains all the content and user friendly for the customer to edit


This is one of the first projects I made in NuxtJS, mistakes was obvious on ineffective use of tailwind and NuxtJS bad component structure. But learned along the way and made a satisfied result. At least to me and to my boss.
NuxtJS2 TailWindCSS Strapi SalJS